Inspect a smart contract instance#

This guide will show you how to inspect a smart contract instance. Inspecting an instance will show you its name, owner, module reference, balance, state and receive-functions:


Make sure that you are running a node using the latest Concordium software and that you have a smart-contract instance on-chain to inspect.

See also

For how to deploy a smart contract module see Deploy a smart contract module and for how to create an instance Initialize a smart contract instance.


To inspect, or show, information about a smart contract instance with the address index 0, run the following command:

$concordium-client contract show 0

The output should be similar to the following:

Contract:        my_contract
Owner:           '4Lh8CPhbL2XEn55RMjKii2XCXngdAC7wRLL2CNjq33EG9TiWxj' (default)
ModuleReference: 'd121f262f3d34b9737faa5ded2135cf0b994c9c32fe90d7f11fae7cd31441e86'
Balance:         0.000000 CCD
        "first_field": 0,
        "second_field": 42
 - receive_one
 - receive_two

See also

For more information about contract instance addresses, see References on-chain.

The level of detail of an inspection depends on whether the show command has access to a contract schema. If the schema is embedded, it will be used implicitly. Otherwise, a schema can be provided using --schema /path/to/schema.bin parameter.


A schema file provided using the --schema parameter will take precedence over an embedded schema.

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