Company identity creation#

A company identity is for companies that need an identity and accounts on the Concordium blockchain, but don’t want that identity to belong to a specific person. Company identities are therefore issued with documents that identify the company and not an individual. Company identities are only relevant for a few companies, such as crypto exchanges.

You can’t use the Desktop Wallet or the Mobile Wallet to create a company identity. You need to use a set of command-line tools, and you need to communicate directly with the identity provider (currently Notabene). The tabs below describe how you create a company identity. Note that the process differs for testnet and mainnet.

  1. Download the tools for your platform.

    • Tools for Linux
      • SHA256 checksum of the download: b9981c542f46e92dd05e8b3e9bf46684e9de364bd331cd6fa8db98ed99b4df84

    • Tools for Windows
      • SHA256 checksum of the download: 4a13eec29b6c7fc8214555c6b13e431c20df449bfd11e1a2f26b6a6e91a03957

    • Tools for MacOS
      • SHA256 checksum of the download: 242a0ff19f84c91ec0c1a3c7696718eee61f144a73a3700d8969f3531384ad6e

  2. Extract the files in the bundle to the same location on your computer. The bundle contains the following files:

    • user_cli (tool)

    • cryptographic-parameters.json

    • ars.json

    • ip-info.json (public keys of the identity provider Notabene)

  3. Download concordium-client for your platform.

    • Linux
      • SHA256 checksum of the download: 6ea2674ebae5dafd9de3c730db536fc0675627b6b867f05a944a1a60dd5ceca8

    • Windows
      • SHA256 checksum of the download: f6cafdd472b02ead818cc0f463a4cf40053dda33a824a2dfed816744a48a579c

    • MacOS
      • SHA256 checksum of the download: 3173cbe28373d9a787978b236aefdaa20d129496b61e545ed7369d8922e10d05

  4. To generate a request for an identity object, follow the generate request instructions. Email the request.json output file to Store the auxiliary output securely.

  5. To verify your identity towards Notabene, follow the entity verification instructions. When the identity has been verified successfully, Notabene will notify you by email, and they will send you an identity object file named id-object.json.

  6. To create additional accounts from the identity object returned by Notabene, follow the create accounts instructions. You must deploy the credential.json output file to the chain exactly as described. If you don’t, the account will not be created. You need access to a node to complete this step. Store the auxiliary output securely.

If you experience issues with steps 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6, please contact Concordium’s technical support via If you experience issues with step 5, identity verification, please contact Notabene via