Concordium low-code NFT framework#

Concordium provides developer tools to its community for developing high-level dApps. In order to help our community, Concordium has implemented this Low-Code Minting Tool and Marketplace to lower the bar for getting started on Concordium.

Concordium has collected feedback and done lots of market research and product experiments to understand the real pains when developing on Concordium. One outcome of those findings is the low-code NFT framework. The Low-Code NFT Minting tool provides a public resource to follow as an example and a white labeling solution for NFT project owners.

All screens and functionalities are designed similarly for the sake of simplicity. However, you are welcome to increase this tool’s capabilities with your contributions. It has example smart contracts that are ready to use, layers that show how you can invoke these smart contracts, and very brief user interfaces to interact with them, including an NFT Minting user interface and an NFT Marketplace.

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