Recover your Wallet#

In case you get a new device or need to restore your existing device, you can recover your identities, accounts, and keys with the secret recovery phrase you wrote down during wallet setup.


You cannot recover testnet wallets on mainnet, or vice versa.


The recovery process for Desktop Wallet and Concordium Legacy Wallet is different. For information about these, see Make a backup of identities, accounts, and addresses.

Concordium Wallet for Web
  1. After reinstalling the Concordium Wallet for Web, open the extension, create a passcode, and when prompted, choose Restore.

  2. Enter your 24 word secret recovery phrase. Click Continue.

  3. Select whether to recover your wallet in Mainnet or Testnet.

If recovery is successful, you will see a screen similar to below. If recovery is only partial, you can try to recover using the Restore IDs and accounts option in Wallet settings.

../../_images/recovery-success-bw.png ../../_images/wallet-settings.png


You cannot recover a wallet created in Mainnet in Testnet, and vice versa. Once you have recovered on the correct network, you can switch between mainnet and testnet. If you use both networks, you can recover on the other net after setup, through the settings page.


If you had previously configured your wallet to be able to view selected tokens and you recover your wallet, the tokens will not be recovered. You must add the tokens again to view them in your wallet.


If you forget your passcode for your installed Concordium Wallet for Web, you will need to remove the extension in your internet browswer and reinstall it, choosing the option to recover your wallet. Use your secret recovery phrase to recover the wallet.

Concordium Wallet for Mobile
  1. After reinstalling the Concordium Wallet for Mobile app, open the app.

  2. On the Getting Started screen, tap Recover wallet.

  3. After the screens explaining recovery tap Continue.

  4. Enter each word of your recovery phrase in the correct order. When you start typing, possible words appear for you to select. Once the words are correct, tap Continue to submit the recovery request to the identity provider(s).

  5. When recovery is successful, the screen below appears.


Sometimes recovery can take longer. You might encounter a partial recovery.

This means that accounts and identities have been partially recovered. This could be because one of the identity providers is unresponsive. Tap Try again to attempt recovery again now or tap Continue to wait until later to try to recover. If you wait until later you can continue to the wallet.

To continue recovery, tap gear wheel and tap Recovery to continue.


When you recover your wallet, any account names that you might have edited will be reset to the account number. You can edit the account name, if desired.

Concordium Legacy Wallet

Recovery of Concordium Legacy Wallet requires a valid backup file. For more information about this process, see backup and restore.

Desktop Wallet

The recovery process for Desktop Wallet is different because of the LEDGER device. For detailed instructions, see Desktop Wallet backup and recovery.

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