Troubleshoot a node running on Windows#

This guide describes how to troubleshoot a node running on Windows on the Concordium network.

Node crash or database corruption#

A node crash or database corruption is the problem if:

  • the node fails to start

  • the node is in a restart loop with an error message about database corruption

  • or you get a “too few bytes” message.

The solution is to delete the relevant portion of the database.

The database directory should contain matching pairs of blockstate-$i.dat and treestate-$i files for some number of consecutive i’s starting at 0. The number of the files differs depending on which protocol version is current.


To resolve a crash or non-starting node, delete files, starting at the largest i, until the node starts or until there are no more files in the directory.

  • If only one of treestate-i or blockstate-$i.dat files exists, delete the other and try starting the node.

  • Otherwise delete both files of the treestate-$i and blockstate-$i.dat pair and try starting the node.