Running the example#


Before you can run this example, make sure you have:

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment and yarn is a package manager used in combination with node.js. You can download node.js and yarn on their official websites.

  • rustup installed to build the backend.

The front end needs the Concordium Wallet for Web for interaction. Install the extension for your browser as described here.

Clone this repository.

$git clone --recurse-submodules

The minimal steps to run the example are as follows:

  • Navigate to the gallery example folder.

$cd ./gallery/
  • Run yarn in the gallery folder to install all dependencies.

  • Run yarn build in the gallery folder to build the frontend.

$yarn build
  • Run yarn build-verifier in the gallery folder to build the backend.

$yarn build-verifier
  • Run yarn start to run the example.

$yarn start --statement "$(<verifier/config/statement.json)" --names "$(<verifier/config/names.json)"

The statement and names flags must be provided and they specify the values for these static variables. This runs them with the default values found in the gallery/verifier/config folder.

The gallery is then available on, however this can be changed by setting the port flag.

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