Export a private key#

In certain situations, such as testing interaction with smart contracts, you may need to export your private key for an account in your wallet. The file format of the key export is specifically for import to concordium-client. If you just copy the key to the clipboard, it’s just the key itself and can be used for other purposes.

Concordium Wallet for Mobile
  1. Tap on the account for which you want to export the private key.

  2. In the Account details screen, tap gear wheel on blue background.

  3. Tap Export private key.

  4. Tap to show the key. Enter your passcode, when prompted. You can use the copy button to copy the key or tap Export to file to save it as a file that is compatible with other tools like concordium-client.

Concordium Wallet for Web
  1. Go to Accounts.

  2. Click gear wheel.

  3. Click Export private key.

  4. Enter your passcode.

  5. Click Show private key.

  6. When your private key is shown, copy it with the two documents button to get the key’s value, or click the Export button to get a file compatible with other tools like concordium-client.

  7. export_keys_browser_wallet_1 export_keys_browser_wallet_2 export_keys_browser_wallet_3

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