Get the list of identity providers#

The list of identity providers can be retrieved from a Concordium node; however, the provided list lacks the necessary metadata for creating or recovering an identity from an identity provider. Therefore, Concordium hosts a service called the wallet-proxy that serves this information to wallets.

Get list of identity providers and their metadata#

Here is an example of how the list of identity providers can be retrieved from the wallet-proxy service. The libraries used here to perform the requests are merely examples, so feel free to use the libraries already utilized in your project.

import {
} from '@concordium/web-sdk';

interface IdentityProviderMetaData {
    issuanceStart: string;
    recoveryStart: string;
    icon: string;
    support: string;

type IdentityProviderWithMetadata = IdentityProvider & {
    metadata: IdentityProviderMetaData;

const walletProxyTestnetBaseUrl = '';
const walletProxyMainnetBaseUrl = '';

async function getIdentityProviders(walletProxyBaseUrl: string): Promise< IdentityProviderWithMetadata[]> {
    const response = await fetch(walletProxyBaseUrl + '/v1/ip_info');
    return response.json();

const testnetIdentityProviders = getIdentityProviders(walletProxyTestnetBaseUrl);
const mainnetIdentityProviders = getIdentityProviders(walletProxyMainnetBaseUrl);
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