CCDScan is a Concordium blockchain explorer. CCDScan effectively serves as a search engine for data on the Concordium blockchain and enables users to search for, explore, and analyze relevant on-chain data. CCDScan includes functionality to scan and gain insights into Concordium blockchain data, such as:

  • Block list view of the latest block data

  • Block details for each block

  • Transaction list view of the latest transaction data

  • Transaction details for each transaction

  • Account list view of the most recent account data

  • Account details for each account address

  • Easy search for specific details on blocks, transactions, and accounts

  • Cross-linking and drill-through between all relevant entities for easy navigation between blocks, transactions and accounts.

  • A dashboard landing page with real-time updates from the Concordium blockchain

  • Core metrics, graphs, and statistics on blocks, transactions, and accounts

Delegation and baker pools#

The CCDScan tool allows bakers to view information that helps them to manage their baker and pool responsibly. It also allows potential delegators to research bakers and pools to find out which one is reliable and trustworthy.