This topics contains information about where you can download the Concordium Wallets and tools for Mainnet. You can also find out about the hardware requirements for running a node.

Mobile Wallet

The Concordium Mobile Wallet is available for iOS and Android. The Mobile Wallet supports iOS 13 or later and Android 8 or later.

You can find Concordium Mobile Wallet on App Store and Google Play.

../../_images/app-store-badge.svg ../../_images/google-play-badge.png

The Concordium Mobile Wallet has been verified by NowSecure.


Concordium Desktop Wallet

When you install the Desktop Wallet on Windows, you’ll see an error message saying there’s a problem with the certificate. Simply ignore the error and continue with the download. This issue will be resolved shortly.

Currently, the Desktop Wallet doesn’t support Apple MacBook Air 2020 M1.

Concordium Ledger App

Download the Concordium Ledger App

Node Debian package

To run a node on a server with Ubuntu, you’ll need to download a Debian package.

Full suite for running a node using Docker

Download the full suite for running a node on Linux using Docker. The suite contains Concordium Node, Concordium Client and cargo-concordium.

Requirements for running a node

The following are the minimum system requirements for running a node. If your system does not meet or exceed these requirements, you might not be able to run the node properly.

You need a broadband connection to run a node, and we strongly recommend that the node is running around the clock. This is especially important if you’re running a baker node.

If you use a laptop in combination with Docker, sleep mode can cause problems with the Docker container used to run the node.

System requirements

  • CPU: A quad core CPU or better of a new generation x64 (AMD Ryzen 5000 series or Intel Core 11000 series desktop or mobile CPUs or CPU with similar single threaded performance).

  • Minimum 16 GB of RAM.

  • Minimum of 1TB fast SSD disk space available (minimum NVMe PCI Express 3.0 4x SSD).

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Support & Feedback

If you have questions or feedback, join us on Discourse, or contact us at