This topics contains information about where you can download the Concordium Wallets and tools for Mainnet. You can also find out about the hardware requirements for running a node.

Mobile Wallet

The Concordium Mobile Wallet is available for iOS and Android. The Mobile Wallet supports iOS 13 or later and Android 8 or later.

You can find Concordium Mobile Wallet on App Store and Google Play.

../../_images/app-store-badge.svg ../../_images/google-play-badge.png

The Concordium Mobile Wallet has been verified by NowSecure.


Concordium Desktop Wallet

  • Download for Windows

    • SHA256 checksum of the download: 58bceb96a9ff752530260f4b6c7aa4c6397901886ff67b6204a9d1990e8058ea

  • Download for macOS

    • SHA256 checksum of the download: 53554244918ee58136317c3493d837bda9d633ea2674c4d364563553fc3838e8

Currently, the Desktop Wallet doesn’t support Apple MacBook Air 2020 M1.

  • Download for Linux

    • AppImage

      • SHA256 checksum of the download: 5865abbf3351690c44240e10781b39cf1ab9f7e725cecd5bd23b240a3e748a95

    • Debian package

      • SHA256 checksum of the download: 20aac964690154bd9afd11c72357b6082cd5437f1d7caa11e3110c606e204da1

    • RPM

      • SHA256 checksum of the download: 2cd5a59b54691b3a33d37ec0789a4adc30893dba6c31fd64fd4cb01d195a270a

Concordium Ledger App

Download the Concordium Ledger App

Concordium Client

Download the Concordium Client:


Download cargo-concordium:

Node Debian package

To run a node on a server with Ubuntu, you’ll need to download a Debian package.

  • SHA256 checksum of the download: dcb76543e4fb0346242df1d8873bbdf89af6ccbd49ea6b4d315bd1dc4c14a135

Full suite for running a node using Docker

Download the full suite for running a node on Linux using Docker. The suite contains Concordium Node, Concordium Client and cargo-concordium.

Mainnet genesis block

The genesis block is included in node distributions. Download the block separately to inspect it or to run a node in a custom configuration.

Requirements for running a node

The following are the minimum system requirements for running a node. If your system does not meet or exceed these requirements, you might not be able to run the node properly.

You need a broadband connection to run a node, and we strongly recommend that the node is running around the clock. This is especially important if you’re running a baker node.

If you use a laptop in combination with Docker, sleep mode can cause problems with the Docker container used to run the node.

System requirements

  • CPU: A quad core CPU or better of a new generation x64 (AMD Ryzen 5000 series or Intel Core 11000 series desktop or mobile CPUs or CPU with similar single threaded performance).

  • Minimum 16 GB of RAM.

  • Minimum of 1TB fast SSD disk space available (minimum NVMe PCI Express 3.0 4x SSD).

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Support & Feedback

If you have questions or feedback, join us on Discourse, or contact us at