Getting started with Concordium#

I want to learn more about the Concordium concepts

Read about our project on

Read about the various concepts:

Use the glossary of terms to learn the language.

I want to learn more about Concordium wallets
I want to run a node

See the node requirements.

I want to run a node on:

I want to stake CCD to earn more CCD

The staking options on Concordium are validation or delegation. To be a validator you must run a node and have a minimum of 500000 CCDs in an account. There is no minimum amount of CCDs needed to delegate.

I want to build a dApp that uses Concordium’s ID layer

See the tutorial for a gallery that uses ID proofs for access.

I want to learn about smart contracts at Concordium
I want to write a smart contract

Start by setting up the tools needed to write smart contracts. Concordium uses Rust as the language for smart contracts. This guide lists all the tools and environments needed to write smart contracts.

Once you have set up the tools, you can write your contract. To see examples click here. To start a new project click here.

I want to have a dApp that interacts with my smart contract
I want to mint NFTs
I want to make an NFT marketplace
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