Runnable Examples

There is a collection of runnable examples that utilizes the SDK. These are located in the examples folder of the repo. To run an example call, navigate to the examples directory from the repo and run your example:

    yarn run-example /path/to/example.ts [opts]

Where opts are any arguments that the example script takes.

Note that you must first build the project using:

    yarn build:dev

For example, after building, navigate to the examples directory from the repo root and run:

    yarn run-example client/getBlockInfo.ts

This will get block info on the last finalized block and print the information. The above command assumes that you have a mainnet Concordium Node running on your machine with the GRPCv2 API exposed on port 20000 (default).

If you are running a testnet node where the GRPCv2 API is exposed by default on port 20001 you can override the GRPC-endpoint using the --endpoint flag:

    yarn run-example client/getBlockInfo.ts --endpoint localhost:20001

For information on how to run a Concordium node see this page

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