Create CCD transfer in the Desktop Wallet

Send CCD from an account

This topic describes how you can send CCD from an account, when only one participant is required to sign the transfer. If you want to learn about sending CCD with a schedule, see Create a single signer CCD transfer with a schedule.

  1. Go to Accounts and select the relevant account.

  2. Select Send.

  3. In the right pane, enter the amount of CCD that you want to send. If the amount you want to transfer including the transfer fee exceeds the amount in your account, you’ll see a message saying Insufficient funds. This means that there’s not enough CCD in the account, and you’ll have to change the amount.

  4. Enter a Memo if you want to send a message to the recipient along with the shielded amount. Note that there’s a fee associated with sending a memo and the fee depends on the size of the memo in bytes.


Transaction memos are public, permanent and visible to everyone on the blockchain. Therefore, carefully review all information before you submit the memo to the blockchain.

  1. Select the recipient and select Continue.

  2. There’s a message saying Waiting for device. Please connect your Ledger. Connect the Ledger to the computer and enter your PIN on Ledger.

  3. Press the right button to navigate to the Concordium app, and then press both buttons to open the app. The Ledger says Concordium is ready. Wait for the message in the Desktop Wallet saying Ledger Nano S is ready and select Submit.

  4. Review the transaction on the Ledger and verify that the information matches the Transaction details in the Desktop Wallet. Navigate to the right and verify the sender address is correct. Continue navigating to the right and verify that the recipient address is correct.

  5. Press both buttons to sign the transaction. In the Desktop Wallet, you can see that the transfer has been submitted to the chain. Select Finish.

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