Set up the Desktop Wallet

The Concordium Desktop Wallet is a digital wallet that enables you to create and manage your Concordium identities, credentials, and accounts, and to create transactions such as sending CCD, adding a baker, and exporting and importing account information.

The Desktop Wallet also supports storing of your private keys on a hardware device. Currently, only the Ledger Nano S is supported.



Without CCD you can’t submit transactions on the Concordium blockchain. This includes creating multi-signature accounts and creating baker transactions. However, you can create identities, accounts that only require one signature, and you can add account addresses to your address book.

Set up the Desktop Wallet

  1. Install the Desktop Wallet. For more information, see Installation downloads.

  2. Open the Desktop Wallet and create a password that contains at least 6 characters. Keep the password safe. You’ll need it to sign into the Desktop Wallet again.

  3. In the Desktop Wallet go to Settings and then select Node settings.

  4. The Virtual Hive node is inserted by default, but you can change this to any other node that you prefer. Enter the Address and Port of the node you’re running. The address is the network address of the node.

  5. Select Set connection. If the connection is working properly, there’s a message saying Successfully connected.

The next step is to set up an initial account and an identity.


Currently, it is not possible to exchange identities and accounts between the Mobile Wallet and the Desktop Wallet. If you try to import a file that has been exported from the Mobile Wallet into the Desktop Wallet, the import will fail, and likewise, if you try to import a file exported from the Desktop Wallet into the Mobile Wallet.

Support & Feedback

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