Overview of accounts

Work with accounts in the Desktop Wallet

This topic describes the information and the tasks that are available on accounts in the Desktop Wallet. To learn more about creating accounts, see Create an account in the Desktop Wallet.

  • To view information about an account, go to Accounts and select the relevant account.

The most common tasks on an account are:

In addition, you can see the following information about the selected account:

  • The Account Total shows the total number of CCD on the account, which includes the CCD that is available and any staked CCD or shielded CCD. It also includes CCD that is scheduled to be released to your account on a future date.

  • The Balance shows the CCD that are at your disposal, the amount of CCD that you’ve staked, and any CCD that are locked in a release schedule. It does not include any shielded amounts.

  • The At disposal amount is the amount you can use for transactions, which excludes staked CCD and CCD in a release schedule.

  • The Shielded balance shows the amount of CCD that you’ve shielded. The Balance is visible to all participants on the Concordium Blockchain, while the Shielded balance is visible to you only.


    Shielded transfers and Shielded balance is only available on accounts with a single credential. You can’t make or receive shielded transfers on multi-signature accounts.

  • Latest transactions: This is a list of the 10 latest transactions on the account including transfers to other accounts, shielded transfers, and scheduled transfers. When you select a transfer, you’ll see the sender and recipient address, the transaction hash, and the block hash. Both successful and failed transactions are listed. If you have any log filters on the account, they are also applied here.

  • Account address: Select this to display the account address. Select the icon to the right to copy the address if you want to share it with other participants in the network.

Change view

When you select Change view, you’ll see a variety of information about your account and a number of tasks you can perform:

  • Transaction log. View a list of transactions on the account. Use Log filters to specify which transaction types you want to be displayed in the Transfers list. See Apply a transaction log filter.

  • Send CCD with a schedule: Send CCD according to a schedule. See Transfer CCD with a schedule.

  • Inspect release schedule: Shows any future CCD releases that are scheduled to be released on your account.

  • Export account reports: Export a file with a list of all transactions on the account. Set the relevant time period and filters, and then select Make account report. Save the export as a .csv file.

  • Credentials and attribute information: Here you can see all credential ID that are associated with the account and the attributes that are revealed for each credential ID (if any). You can also see the creation dates and valid to dates of the credentials. One or more credentials can be associated with the an account.

  • Update credentials: Add new credentials to the account. See Add credentials to an account.

  • Add baker: Make the account a baker account. See See Add a baker account in the Desktop Wallet. If the account is already a baker account, you’ll see a list of options for managing a baker account: Remove baker, Update baker keys, Update baker stake, and Update baker restake earnings.

Edit account name

You can edit the name of the account. Click small square with pencil to edit the account name. Click check mark to save the change.

Set default account

To make the currently selected account the default account, click the star icon in the lower right corner. Setting this means that this will be the account initially visible when opening the account page.

Support & Feedback

If you have questions or feedback, join us on Discourse, or contact us at support@concordium.software.