Terms and Conditions for Concordium Desktop Wallet#

Effective from August 4, 2022


Concordium Desktop Wallet is a digital wallet that is offered worldwide by Concordium Software ApS (‘Concordium Software’). At developer.concordium.software, you can read about how the wallet works. Concordium Software may continually change and/or adjust the functions of Concordium Desktop Wallet. Concordium Software’s terms and conditions apply to Concordium Desktop Wallet users worldwide.

The wallet will register and use data about you. Concordium Software will not register or use data about you.

Terms and conditions for all services and functions#

Parties to the agreement#

When you register with Concordium Desktop Wallet, you enter into an agreement with:

Concordium Software ApS, Østergade 13, 2., 1100 København K, Denmark. CVR no.: 42334758. Our email address is contact@concordium.software.

What you need in order to register with Concordium Desktop Wallet#

The following is required to register with Concordium Desktop Wallet:

  • A computer with a newer version of Windows 10, macOS, or a Linux distribution like Ubuntu or Debian.

  • An identity that is verified with an identity provider and an initial account created on your behalf by the identity provider. The identity provider will know your identity and your ownership of an initial account.

  • A Ledger Nano S or Ledger Nano S Plus.

  • Concordium Ledger App.

You must be at least 18 years old to register.

Registering as a Concordium Desktop Wallet user#

To be able to use the Concordium Desktop Wallet, you need a Ledger Nano S or Nano S Plus hardware device with the Concordium Ledger Application installed.

Before you can use Concordium Desktop Wallet, you will need to create an initial account and register with an identity provider by following the instructions in the app. An identity provider is a third-party supplier and independent of Concordium Software. The Concordium Desktop Wallet stores data from the identity provider, but Concordium Software does not, and Concordium Software does not have access to data stored by the Concordium Desktop Wallet.

After you have created the initial account and registered with an identity provider, you can create additional accounts (‘regular accounts’) with which you will be able to carry out transactions.

Please note that you can only register one account as the initial account.

Activation code and personal password#

When you register in Concordium Desktop Wallet, you will need to create a personal password. You should be aware that the password can be used to log on to Concordium Desktop Wallet and use some of the functions. All transactions require you to use the Ledger device with the Desktop Wallet to sign the transaction.

When you set up the Ledger device you’ll generate private keys on the Ledger device, and you’ll receive a 24-word recovery phrase that you must store in a safe place. This is the only backup of your private keys.

Other obligations etc.#

You have a duty to ensure that the details you provide are correct and updated at any given time. Your Concordium Desktop Wallet and Ledger device are personal and may be used only by you. You must not disclose your passwords and PIN codes to others, and you must not write them down, or save them on your computer or mobile device. You must not disclose your Ledger device 24-word recovery phrase or PIN code to others or store them digitally on your computer or mobile device.

Concordium Desktop Wallet must not be used for illegal activities or purposes.

You must not use Concordium Desktop Wallet in a way that harasses other Concordium Desktop Wallet users.

All transaction requests are irreversible. You are yourself responsible for ensuring that the recipient of a transaction via Concordium Desktop Wallet is the intended recipient, and you must verify that the transaction amount is correct. You are responsible for providing the correct account to persons and users who want to transfer funds to you.

To prevent unauthorized use of Concordium Desktop Wallet, you must store your computer and the Ledger device so that others cannot gain unauthorized access to them. Do not disclose the password or PIN code to third parties.

You are obliged to verify your identity with an identity provider. The identity provider will know the identity of the initial account creator. Your identity can be revealed via the process of anonymity revocation, which can happen under stringent regulations, such as a court order.

You are solely responsible for safekeeping your passwords, PINs, account keys, encryption keys, identity, Ledger recovery phrase, and any other codes you use to access the Concordium Desktop Wallet or any information, CCD, or voucher. If you lose access to the Concordium Desktop Wallet, private keys, or identity, and you have not separately stored a backup of your accounts and the corresponding password(s), you acknowledge and agree that any CCD you have associated with that account will become inaccessible.


This agreement will apply between you and Concordium Software from your download of the Concordium Desktop Wallet, and until you have completely removed the Concordium Desktop Wallet in its entirety from your device.

The section Concordium Software’s liability for damages shall apply indefinitely.

Fees and charges#

Concordium Software currently does not charge any fee for registration with Concordium Desktop Wallet. Concordium Desktop Wallet does not charge a transaction fee; however, you have to pay a transaction fee for transactions on the blockchain.

Any other costs and charges related to your use of the Concordium Desktop Wallet shall be paid by you, including but not limited to costs to the identity provider, if any.

If we introduce new functions, features, products, or services, these may be subject to fees from the start without you receiving any notice of changed terms and conditions. You will always be informed about the fee before you register for the function, feature, product, or service.


You will be notified on concordium.software if we change the terms and conditions. We may change the terms and conditions without notice. You can read the terms and conditions at concordium.software, from which you can also print, download, or email them.

If you do not wish to be covered by the new terms and conditions, you must notify us before the new terms and conditions enter into force. If you notify us that you do not wish to be covered by the new terms and conditions, we will consider the Concordium Desktop Wallet agreement to be terminated from the date on which the new terms and conditions enter into force. If we do not hear from you, we will regard it as your acceptance of the changes.

Intellectual property rights and license#

Concordium Software retains all right, title, and interest in and to all of Concordium Software’s brands, logos, and trademarks, including, but not limited to, Concordium Desktop Wallet, Concordium Mobile Wallet, Concordium Client, and variations of the wording of the said brands, logos, and trademarks.

Our notification of unauthorized use and security threats#

We may issue information about general security threats through concordium.software and social media.

Concordium Software’s liability for damages#

Concordium Software is not liable for damages for late or defective performance of the Concordium Desktop Wallet and/or our contractual obligations resulting from error or negligence.

Even in areas in which stricter liability applies, Concordium Software is not liable for losses arising from

  • Breakdown of or lack of access to IT systems or damage to data in these systems attributable to any of the events listed below regardless of whether Concordium Software or a third-party supplier is responsible for the operation of these systems, power failure, or breakdown of Concordium Software’s power supply system or telecommunications, statutory intervention or administrative acts, acts of God, war, revolution, riot, civil unrest, sabotage, terrorism, or vandalism (including computer virus attacks or hacking).

  • Strikes, lockouts, boycotts, or picketing, regardless of whether Concordium Software or its organization is itself a party to or has started such an industrial dispute and regardless of its cause. This also applies if the dispute affects only parts of Concordium Software.

  • Other circumstances beyond or within the control of Concordium Software.

Please be advised that Concordium Software is not liable for any defects or deficiencies in the goods or services for which you pay using Concordium Desktop Wallet, Concordium Software accepts no liability for the fundraising campaigns to which you make contributions using Concordium Desktop Wallet. If you have any complaints regarding the delivered goods, services, or fundraising campaigns, you must contact the seller and/or the fundraiser.

Concordium Software does not undertake any liability for the conduct of the seller/fundraiser in general.


Concordium Software respects your privacy to the effect that Concordium Software will not monitor, edit, or disclose any personal information about you or your account, including its contents or your use of the Concordium Desktop Wallet, without your prior consent unless Concordium Software in good faith beliefs that such action is necessary to: (i) comply with legal process or other legal requirements of any governmental authority; (ii) protect and defend the rights or property of Concordium Software; (iii) enforce this Agreement; (iv) protect the interests of users of the Concordium Desktop Wallet other than you or any other person; (v) operate or conduct maintenance and repair of Concordium’s services or equipment, including the Concordium Desktop Wallet as authorized by law; or (vi) if your identity is revoked in accordance with the identity revocation process as required to comply with (i). You are assumed to have no expectation of privacy with respect to the Internet generally. Your IP address is transmitted and recorded with each message or other information you send from the Concordium Desktop Wallet. When you create an identity with a third party supplier, you have entered an agreement directly with such a third supplier and such a third party supplier will store data about you and in this case, the third party supplier’s privacy policy and terms and conditions apply.

Data retention and deletion#

Concordium as a company does not retain or delete any user identifiable information. However, to get an account you must obtain an identity object issued by an identity provider. The identity object contains some user identifiable information, such as your name. By default the identity object is only stored in the wallet and is not visible on the chain. Some data derived from the identity object is sent to the chain, however by default it is not possible to obtain user identifiable information from the information stored in the account on the chain. However, if you choose to reveal any attributes associated with your account, these attributes will be visible on-chain, and can never be deleted.

Governing law and venue#

The agreement and any dispute arising out of the agreement are governed by Danish law and such disputes must be heard by Copenhagen District Court or the jurisdiction of the defendant’s domicile unless otherwise provided by absolute consumer rights in Denmark. This applies without consideration for rules in international private law which may lead to the application of other law than Danish law.


You can always write to Concordium Software if you disagree with us. In this way, we make sure that such disagreement is not based on a misunderstanding. The address is Østergade 13, 2., 1100 København K.

New copy of these terms and conditions#

You can always find the latest version on concordium.software.

You can contact Concordium Desktop Wallet support via support@concordium.software.


The first time you open the Concordium Desktop Wallet, you’ll be asked to click “Yes, I Accept” to confirm that you agree to these terms and conditions.