Testnet reset#

The testnet will be reset on Monday June 13th, 2022.


This reset only affects Testnet. Mainnet will not be affected.


The current testnet has been running for a little over a year. During the testing of the Sirius release, a number of issues have been discovered that are best fixed by resetting the testnet and starting a new one.


The testnet reset will cause all accounts and smart contracts to disappear from the testnet. For developers with accounts and smart contracts on testnet, this will mean that they will need to re-create accounts and re-deploy smart contracts to continue testing. For wallet holders on testnet, they will need to reset their wallets.

Most affected parties#

  • Smart Contract developers

  • Staking services

  • Major investors testing infrastructure on testnet


The following guides contain information to help you migrate after the Testnet reset.