Make an account report

When you select an account, you can see a list of all transfers in and out of the account. However, if you need a more structured view of the transfers or, for example, want to compare transfers on different accounts, you have the option of creating an account report. The report is saved as a CSV file on your computer, and the CSV format enables you to sort and organize the data in a spreadsheet.

Create a report of transactions on one or more accounts

  1. Go to Accounts and select the account you want to create a report for.

  2. Select Change view, and then select Make account report.

  3. Select the time period that you want the report to cover.

  4. Select the transaction types that you want to include in the report.

  5. If you want to include more accounts in the report, select Add another account in the right pane, and then select the relevant account. Repeat this step for each account you want to add to the report.

  6. Select Make account report. A CSV file with the selected account and types of transactions is generated and stored on your computer. If you have selected multiple accounts, you will get a .zip file containing a .CSV for each account.

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